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Related article: Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2008 10:29:52 -0700 (PDT) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: Adventures in Nature 18The story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, in towns, cities, countries, nor governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check with your local laws regarding such. % Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection.%"Adventures In Nature" 18 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%"So, what do you think Steve?""About Aidan?""Guess again," Barry replied as Steve lay with his head almost dead center inbetween Barry's pecs."Give me a hint. Are his initials 'T' 'L'?""No, not Tom. Try 'J' 'C'?""Jesus Christ?""No, you idiot, Josh Crew?"Both laughed, Steve saying, "Yeah I think he has a sexy chest, but...""Yes?""Not as sexy as my Beary!"Like the gunshot at the start of a race, Steve was gung-ho, using Barry's nips for handles, scooting up a bit, his tongue wetting down his fur mat. Steve smiled as he licked, immediately feeling something poke him in the abs. Centering his pubes over his partner's, he used his balls to massage the massive shaft."I didn't know you were into belly dancing, Steve!" Barry said with a chuckle.Not saying a word, Steve looked up at his lover til the whites of his eyes shone below, releasing his grip on Barry's reddened nips, his tongue stuck out, coating the center of his hairy bod with warm saliva."All I can say is you better get down there fast!"Using his hands, Barry presses against Steve's shoulders, the force making his tongue glide faster over his hairy stomach, without as much as a swipe over his navel. No hint or further coaxing is needed as Steve lifts up his head, coming down over the hard shaft, taking it in to the back of his throat."I don't know how you do it, but it feels so fucking good, Steve!"It took many nights, but time paid off as Barry felt the sides of his fucking tool compressed as it slid down his lover's throat."Yeah, that's it Steve. Now sing me a song!"At the onset of Steve humming up a storm, Barry's head sunk into his pillow, his voice telling how insane he felt from the awesome feeling of having his cock mesmerised by the vibrating timbre of Steve's song. Even though Barry slowly lifted and dropped his ass to the mattress, Steve's head lifted and fell, the two working together to bring Barry to the edge."Shit!" Steve called out, pulling off of Barry."I don't know how you can tell Steve?""Just get your cock inside me before you blow your load, huh?"The alpha male theory went down the drain, as Steve shelled out the orders, telling Barry to get up while his back slapped against the sheets, hoisting his thighs up. Using strength he didn't know he possessed, Barry grabs ahold of Steve's torso, using it as a catalyst to drive his shaft deep within.Arching his back, Steve grunts, "Grrrrrrrrr," as Barry drives the tip in til his balls are slapping up against Steve's ass.Like Steve provided the stimulating tune, Barry bangs the drum, the adrenaline rush causing him to force his cock in roughly, exit to almost falling out and driving it back in, utilizing muscles he didn't use even in the last sixty times he's fucked Steve's ass.Sweat flying like raindrops, the bed shaking as if an old B-52 ready to take off, the two go at it, moaning and groaning as if twenty frat guys at an orgy.The volume turned up, Barry shoved Steve so hard when he came, Steve claimed he had a bad headache afterwards from his head hitting the board."Yeah," Barry said ten seconds after pulling his slimy cock out, his shoulder blades diving into the bed, "amazing how painful it is after the initial high.""It's not over yet," Steve called out, his hand wrapped around his stiff cock, stroking it madly.Seeing the opportunity, Barry regains his 'alpha' title, turning to his side, saying, "Relax" to Steve, his hand replacing his partner's, jerking it from base to head, seconds passing before white chains of cum fly out. "Yeah.. come on baby!" Barry gets into it, fifteen seconds later still making ropes take flight, shooting all over Steve's tight abs.As things wind down, Barry slowly takes up the slumber position, his hand using the spent goo to massage Steve's softening cock, smothering his lightly-haired pubes and the fuzz below his partner's navel.%"Hello?"On the other end of the line, a soft, sexy voice tells Maury, "I want to thank you for the awesome time I had earlier this afternoon."Speaking his mind, Maury states, "Too bad it went so fast Like, too bad you had to report back to work. Hey, what are you doing now?"Lying on his bed, Josh Crew smiled, replying, "I've got my hand down my pants. Why?"Each led the other on, Maury issuing the strong suggestion, "Why don't you get your ass over here? I have a sudden urge to tie a detective to a chair and interrogate him!"Josh quickly removed his hand from his pants, closing off their phone call with, "Let me put a shirt on. I'm on my way!"%"He sure looks different than the day we saw him on campus," Connor mentions to Jim as the two peer through the glass dividing the disinfected area of the hospital to the waiting room."Sure is. I can hardly recognize him with him all bandaged up like that.""Looks like a mummy," Connor suggests."Poor guy," Jim thoughtfully says."Yeah and he was so.. I mean..."Seeing the same vision, Jim fills in the blanks, "Yeah, Kev was... is a hot guy."The two look at each other and crack a smile."Excuse me, but are you family?""Family?" Jim asks the scrub, dressed up in the smurf outfit."We're Kev's friends from school," Connor replies, not making the distinction between he and Jim being in high school, Kevin in college."If you're not family then how did you get in here?"Taking a couple of steps towards the six foot, one inch nurse, Jim tells him, "Through the front door. So what's it to you berry-blue?"Connor cracks a little smile, seeing how much his eighteen year old lover resembles Maury when they play out a bdsm scene, except Jim doing it naturally."Um, well... ah, we have rules around here and..."His smile grew, Connor knowing right away, before too long, Jim was going to wind up 'owning' this muscle jock!"'Rules were meant to be broken', isn't that what they say?" Jim recalled the over emphasized phrase when the occasion rose."Yes, but...""So what are you gonna do about it?"Keeping his laughter to himself, Connor didn't want to interrupt the perfect charade, the tall, muscular nurse slowly falling under Jim's spell.Before the nurse could answer, he looked down between himself and Jim. Jim's attention, his eyes darting down between them, picked up the focus of his curiosity. Like Connor thought, Jim was absorbing some of Maury's characteristics, but realized now also some of his own moxie."Well, will you look at what we got here?"Connor could not refrain from at least giggling as Jim held the nurse's cock right through his blue bottoms."Ohhhhhhh," the nurse exclaimed, his hand going to Jim's hand, not realizing he was squeezing not only the hand but his own cock.With more of Maury's moxie, perhaps the same intuition Maury had when first meeting up with some guy, Jim dictates, "I'd advise you to get your hand off of me boy before I have to do something rash!"Giggling Bbs Lolitas Pics louder, almost laughing, Connor couldn't believe Jim utilizing the same exact words Maury used the night he and Jim gathered at the house with Evan Colfax. Now he waited to see if Jim was going to get away with it or 'decked'. At this moment, Connor could very well predict the landslide of votes would be towards Jim's favor."Um," the nurse stuttered, sliding his hand from Jim's.Right away, Jim coined more of Maury's catchy phrases, telling him, "That's it.. say your sorry. Tell your 'master' how 'sorry' you are 'boy'."Shaking his head back and forth, Connor was amazed at how Jim recalled Bbs Lolitas Pics Maury's script as if he invented it himself. And what an actor! He said the lines as if playing top to Evan, just... like.... Maury."Nice set of balls you've got here," Jim said, repositioning his hand, reaching under the hard shaft. Taking in the whole scene, from experiences of watching Maury and Evan entertain each other, seeing the twenty-something nurse stand there, eyes staring at Jim's hand, the pose the orderly took up, feet slightly apart, hands clasped behind his back, Connor knowing this guy has played around some. So, as a matter of support for Jim, he decided to get in the act.Trying his best to act tough, the eighteen year old blond walks over til he's inches from the guy, standing next to Jim, then coining a 'Maury-phrase', "Jim, I betcha this guy would look hot in a pair of shiny cuffs?"Jim smiled to himself.Even though he spoke to Jim, Connor set his attention on the nurse's face, not much taller than his five foot, eleven inch height."Um, you can squeeze harder if you want," The nurse finally spoke.Gripping harder, Connor decided to get all over him for speaking out when not allowable, another 'Maury-code'. "You don't speak unless you're spoken to, boy!"Figuring he better quit while he was ahead, Jim loosened his grip. He didn't say anything to Connor about the fact he wouldn't make a good 'Sir', 'Master' or anything resembling the authoritative stature. "So, what's your name?" Jim asked."Jack. Jack Collier."Things mellowed out now that Jim surrendered his grip. Connor backed off, letting Jim grab hold of the reins of conversation. "Interested in 'playing around' sometime?"Instead of a simple, 'yes', Jack replied, "As long as I have 'you' to answer to. I think you're pretty hot, you know?""What does that make me?" Connor asked, one hand on his hip, the other hanging down.>From his gathered thoughts, Jim could tell Jack knew of Conner's very bad acting skills. More info was added to his mental book on Jack, as he said, "I think blonds are hot too. I kind of have this fetish about sucking a hot blond guy's cock and ... well..."Sensing this nurse dude was panning Bbs Lolitas Pics them out, trying to discover how far he and Conner were into kinky stuff, Jim introduced himself, "And this is my boyfriend, Conner.""Cool to meet you guys," jack replied. "Say, I've got to get going here. Um, so how do you know Kevin?""From around campus," Jim said."Oh, so you guys are college students?"Since the moment had arisen, Jim set Jack straight, "We're high school seniors, but we know a guy on campus, so hang out there sometimes.""Yeah," Connor adds, "Kev is an art student. He wanted to sketch us sometime."Returning to hospital talk, Jack informs them, "Well that will quite a long time. Somebody really worked him over good, the poor guy."Not wanting to lose contact, Jim asks, "You have a cell number or something?"Reading not too far into the future, Jack asks, "Do you want to get together later?"Jim couldn't be happier. Thinking Jack kind of turned him on too, Connor asks, "So you can suck my cock?""Sure, I'd love to. Suck yours too, Jim. I can get really turned on being controlled by younger guys.""Is there anything you 'don't' get into Jack?" Connor then questioned him."I can get into pretty much anything, even some pain... well I wasn't sure I should mention it, but if you guys can get into it, ever do any watersports?"First to come to mind for Connor was surfing. However Jim was thinking the kinky version, replying, "I think I can provide a nice hot shower for you after work, Jack!"With a back and forth motion, Jack replies to both high school seniors, "I'd really like to take your loads too."Stating his position now that Connor saw a new friendship developing here, Jack more than willing to proceed, Connor set Jack straight saying, "I'd like to suck you dry too, Jack."However, Jack and Jim stare at each other, knowing Connor meant getting the cum drained out of a guy's balls and not piss from the tap.Breaking his gaze with Jim, Jack responds to Connor, "Sure I could do that. Hey, you into 69's?""Hell yeah!" Connor tells him."Great," Jack responded. "Now I 'really' need to get going." Back to focusing on Jim, Jack says, "I get off my shift at ten if it's not too late for you guys to be up."Jim smiled, thinking he's already 'up'."Give me a call. If you need a place to play, I know this guy from the community college who's into bdsm and other shit," Jack informs them.With Jack in the distance, Connor and Jim look at each other, the biggest grin on each other's face, saying to each other, "Maury!"%"Oh my, looks like you guys haven't shaved in weeks!""You don't know how to knock?" Darryl said.By the change in attitude, Riley, standing there with the back kitchen door open, leaning against the frame, arms folded across the middle, replies, "So have you two lovers worked through your little spat?"A week ago Darryl might have blown up, thrown everything but the kitchen sink, maybe that too, at his partner. But for the past two days he's changed his ways of thinking about himself and Julien. It was real tough for Darryl to convey his feelings, but being cuffed to the man he now had heartfelt feelings for, he relinquished his hard words for, "It would normally be tough for me to confess this, but...""Yes?"Seeing Darryl's pleading eyes to help out, Julian rendered, "What Darryl wants to do is really thank you for doing this to him." Then Julian changes it to the plural, "Us."Rather than stay glued to the subject, Riley came in and closed the door. Turning a chair around he sat down at the kitchen table, his arms laying across the length of the back of the chair. Instead of dwelling on the past, he attested to the present, "Tomorrow Denis Clark is being taken to 'The Nature Experience'.""Nature Experience?" Julian asked.Darryl's face questioned him too."It's a sophisticated behavior health treatment program in a camp setting. There will Bbs Lolitas Pics be lots of other boys there his age and older. He won't be able to see any of his family for a month, but it doesn't say anything in the rules about friends not visiting him. After he gets settled, if it's okay with his doctor I think you could plan a visit."Sure," Julian responded, whereas Darryl seemed reluctant. "We can do that. Right Darryl?""I don't know if I can," Darryl said.Reaching in his shirt pocket, Riley produced a key. The couple's hands were right there in front of him, extended over the table top. "I bet it'll feel good when these are off, huh?"Riley smiled, not even thinking of Darryl acting irrational.It was Julian who anticipated, "Better watch it Riley. Darryl's liable to haul off and knock you off that chair and onto your ass!""No," Riley said as he keyed Julian's cuffed wrist first, releasing it. Staring into Darryl's 'boy blue' eyes, he says of it, "No, I Bbs Lolitas Pics hardly think that will be the case, will it, Darryl?"Straight-faced, borderline frowning, Darryl's appearance lightened up like the sun coming out, breaking up storm clouds. Rubbing his wrist, Darryl says to Riley, "We both have much to thank you for.""That we do," Julian said, rising up out of his chair. With a hidden agenda of what to do to repay that favor, Julian asks, "By the way, you have our clothes anywhere handy?""Right out in my car. C'mon," Riley gets up, "I'll give you a hand bringing them in."Darryl never suspected anything, as didn't Riley. The whole time they carted clothes upstairs, Riley talked about some of the clothes suffering wrinkles and faded out by the sun, Darryl shooing the thought away, "Clothing can be replaced, but..." he wanted to say a tight ass is hard to find, but instead said, "true love comes but once in a lifetime."Dropping the last load of clothing on the bed, Riley and Darryl turned heads sharply when the bedroom door slammed shut."What the hell?" Riley yelled out.Seeing Julian's back plastered against the door, the two didn't know what to think."I can only think of one way of thanking you Riley. I hope Darryl doesn't mind," Julian said, waiting for hopefully a Bbs Lolitas Pics positive reply.In all honesty, Riley thought, 'okay' for Julian, but he knew Darryl to be a diehard top. No way was he going to bend in his ways. However, he was totally shocked out of his gourd when Darryl turned towards him.Facing Riley, Darryl says, "Julian's right."Riley gazed down immediately when he felt a pair of hands unbuckling his police belt."Oh no you don't!" Julian exclaimed, unbarricading the door. "His cock is mine!" He stole Riley's zipper region right out of Darryl's hands.Grinning, Riley said to Darryl, "I guess we know who's going to be wearing the pants in this family!""There's always the shirt," Darryl replied, smiling. Not only that, he made a literal gesture, taking the top buttonhole of Riley's shirt and feeding the button through.The two smiled at each other as Darryl unfastened one, then the second button, each time peeling Riley's shirt farther apart, revealing the dark, almost black chest hair."You don't have to do this Darryl," Riley said, strong feelings knowing it to be humiliating for Darryl to think about working his tongue over his hairy bod."I know I don't," Darryl replied.Looking up, Julian rethought his plan. Sure, he didn't mind offering himself up as a sucking sacrifice in repayment to Riley, but not even consulting Darryl, well he started to feel guilty. "Hey guys?"Two pairs of eyes stare down at Julian."You guys interested in double fucking me?""Could be hot," Riley replied. No, he 'knew' it would be hot, but then it was Darryl and Julian he referred two, not just some hot college guy. "But, nope!" He forced his briefs right out of Julian's hand, nearly catching the twenty-five year old's fingers in his zipper. Buttoning the top of his jeans, Riley fed the belt back into the buckle, tightening it. "Got a hot date tonight. Man would he be pissed if I didn't have a dam full of seed to let loose!"Riley smiled, seeing the sorry look on Julian's face. For Darryl, it was a sigh of relief, for certain."Are you sure?" Julian seemed to whine.On the other token, Darryl said, "He's sure.""You know me, huh?" Riley directed at him."You've been my partner for several months now. I should know."Grinning with tight lips, Riley was about to throw a wrench into Darryl's well laid thoughts. Stepping up to him, the scruffy look plastered over his face, bod a little ripe, his hand pulling on Darryl's briefs, Riley used the elastic as a pivot to reel Darryl in for a man to man kiss.Leaving with clothes intact, Riley says, "And oh, I told Cappy you're feeling much better, so you better shower-and shave and get your ass into work on Monday morning!""What about me?" Julian questioned him, regarding the affection.With hand on door knob, Riley gazed around the room, at the clothes strewn all about, saying, "Geesh! How do you guys live like this?"%Copyright 2008 T. Chase McPhee This story may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent from the author.
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